Founder and CEO Jeff Nabers

Founder & CEO Jeff Nabers

Jeff Nabers took an extraordinary path in life. He was able to retire at the age of 22, and now takes his wife Rachel around the world on adventures in surfing, skiing, motorcycling, and sailing.

But it wasn’t always this way for Jeff. He started out waiting tables at the Olive Garden, making only $2.13 per hour. Then he stumbled upon the mortgage business with lucky timing and quickly got in, made money, and got out before the 2008 bust.

He knew he lucked out and what he did next would determine his future. He wanted to turn his lump sum of cash into a retirement and found out the traditional methods didn’t work.

He interviewed many Baby Boomers and found out their successful careers were not translating into successful retirement. Nest eggs were being chopped in half, volatility was wiping away years of savings, and the traditional model was obviously broken.

Jeff is hard headed and he didn’t give up. He tried everything, including the stock market, life insurance, annuities, private equity, mortgage notes, real estate investment… but nothing got consistently great results.

With perseverance, he eventually designed the Gold Backed Real Estate™ wealth strategy that took the best aspects of investing in hard assets—real estate and gold—and solved the most common problems plaguing hard asset investors.

Jeff set his wealth building on autopilot, and took his wife on adventure after adventure all over the globe.

He repetitively met Baby Boomers who didn’t have a secure retirement or future, and he noticed it wasn’t their fault. They were saving, but their money wasn’t safely growing consistently.

So Jeff created an investor club to share his resources with members—he assembled an amazing team of staff, vendors and strategic partners to help people like you rework their wealth plan and follow a proven path to lasting freedom.

We have decades of experience with investing in hard assets—real estate and precious metals—with over 20,000 transactions totaling over $500 million under our belt.

Our members span the country and globe and we help each member achieve excellent results.

Our favorite part is the live member conferences where we gather in beautiful paradise destinations to celebrate our success together and conduct workshops and briefings to dial in your success further.

Our extraordinary results have enabled members to achieve goals such as:

  • Retire sooner
  • Increase retirement income
  • Stabilize and “residualize” retirement income
  • Pass on more wealth to heirs and philanthropic causes
  • Protect against corrections, bubbles and crashes
  • Protect against major crises in currency and banking

To see what being a member can do for you, request your Discovery Call today.