Jeff Nabers Teaching Investors

We are different than the traditional investment model that has failed millions of Americans’ retirement hopes and dreams.

We believe investing is one of the most important things you’ll do in life and deserves the utmost attention, because it’s not about your money—it’s about your time… your life.

Because most of us trade time for money, using traditional methods leads to a sense of being busy, never being able to do what truly makes us happy, and chasing dreams that drift away faster.

The solution lies in investing because you can never be free without a lasting stream of income that frees up your time.

WE ARE NOT ADVISORS (To Serve You Better)

Take away all the shiny exterior, and at the core of advice is someone’s theories and opinions.

Opinions are cheap. You can get them at countless advice shops in nearly every town in the world. You can see them on any cable news TV show.

And while opinionated advice may be conveniently available everywhere you look, it doesn’t actually work that well. Want to see for yourself?

Our research has revealed that traditional markets have fallen 88% short of their famed promise of the 8% annual growth rate over the long term.

Over the span of a career, this is the equivalent of expecting a nest egg of $5,000,000 and instead getting only $600,000 to try to retire on.

Instead of offering advice, we do mentorship.

Mentorship is based on duplicating success.

For example, our founder Jeff Nabers retired to a life of adventure at the age of 22—over 14 years ago—and built Nabers Financial Group to mentor investors like you through using methods and systems already proven to work.

And right now, a wealth building plan that works is what millions of investors need.

We’ve taken assets, methods, systems, and strategies that have proven to work and built a process to put them to work for you.

We’ve assembled an amazing team of staff, vendors, and strategic partners, spanning the nation and globe, to give our clients everything they need to rework their wealth plan and follow a proven path to freedom.

We have decades of experience with investing in hard assets—real estate and precious metals—with over 20,000 transactions totaling over $300 million under our belt.

Our clients span the country and globe, and we use modern communications technology to achieve excellent results.

Our favorite part is getting our clients together in beautiful paradise destinations to celebrate our success together and conduct workshops and briefings to dial in your success further:

Nabers Financial Client Workshop

Our extraordinary results have enabled people to achieve goals such as:

  • Retire sooner
  • Increase retirement income
  • Stabilize and “residualize” retirement income
  • Pass on more wealth to heirs and philanthropic causes
  • Protect against corrections, bubbles and crashes
  • Protect against major crises in currency and banking

To see if what we do will work wonderfully for you, it all starts with a discovery call.