Member Results

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Our Gold Backed Real Estate™ strategy uses a proprietary process to get extraordinary results for investors like you.

Our annual growth targets are 10-15% per year, and we are very good at hitting our targets.

These extraordinary results have enabled our members to achieve goals such as:

  • Retire sooner
  • Increase retirement income
  • Stabilize and “residualize” retirement income
  • Pass on more wealth to heirs and philanthropic causes
  • Protect against corrections, bubbles and crashes
  • Protect against major crises in currency and banking

To learn more, download one of our member cases studies here:

Because we are very different from the broken traditional approach to investing and retirement, we love to hold member gatherings to celebrate success and dial in wealth improvements further.

At our member events, we ask people to share their story and their experience so that people like you can get insights into what it’s really like to make a quantum leap to wealth and freedom. These are not paid actors and you can watch our member interviews here:


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