About Us

Jeff Nabers“Ten years ago as a mortgage banker, I discovered that most people don’t like losing money, most people are losing money in Wall Street, and most people don’t realize that investing in Wall Street is entirely optional.

I noticed most people believed that they had to put their hard-earned income into Wall Street if they wanted the tax deductions of an IRA, 401(k) or other similar “tax favored” retirement account. ‘Was this true?’ I questioned.

I came across and verified claims of being able to ‘unplug’ all your money, including IRA/401k money, from the Wall Street system without triggering ‘punishment’ taxes and penalties.

So I started helping people convert their doomed Wall Street 401k/IRA plans into ‘Self-Directed’ IRAs they could actually control, most often into real estate or precious metals. First, they had to overcome the myth that ‘you must invest in Wall Street.’ That was the first layer of faulty ‘conventional wisdom’ I peeled away.

Using basic economic knowledge and critical thinking, I accurately predicted the burst of the real estate bubble alongside many other Austrian economists. But unlike the others, I plugged my warnings into my network of clients and subscribers. Giving clear recommendations to liquidate real estate before the real estate bubble popped led to a positive wealth impact estimated at over $500 million for my friends and customers who acted intelligently with the knowledge I gave them.

Yet I watched many others ignore the incredibly strong indication of the real estate bubble and completely destroy themselves financially as a result.

That’s when I knew something was amiss. I had to learn a thing or two about behavioral psychology to get better at helping people to help themselves.

Nowadays I focus on helping others peel back the deepest layer of faulty ‘conventional wisdom’ to see the surprising truth that we are currently in the late stages of global currency collapse.”

Conventional wisdom is the dirt used to bury the truth. Grab a shovel!
                                                                    – Jeff Nabers

Many people think of currency collapse as isolated events in history or potential events in the future, and the ultimate secret buried beneath conventional wisdom is that we are already experiencing currency collapse right now, we have been for many years… and it’s GREAT news for anyone who is willing to take action to keep and multiply their wealth.

Knowing what this truly means and what to do about it makes the difference between working forever like a slave… and claiming your financial freedom now and forever.

Over the past decade, Jeff has [slowly and carefully] put together a small team of Wealth Warriors on a life’s mission to help people shed propaganda to follow proven self-empowering processes for positive wealth transformation.